SeungBookDong Makkoli!


If you want to taste some really “authentic” Korean Makkoli, be sure to pay a visit to SeungBookDong Makkoli restaurant in HongDae, Seoul, Korea.  This restaurant serves only one Makkoli (as the name of its restaurant implies), SeungBookDong Makkoli.

This Makkoli is actually delivered straight from SeungBookDong, a rural city in South Korea.  You will find two different types of SeungBookDong Makkoli served here, one light version (6% Alcohol) and the other very heavy (8% Alcohol).

First, we ordered the light version of SeungBookDong Makkoli, whic

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JooMoonJin DongDongJu!


In my last trip to South Korea, I did travel as far as to GangNeung, which is coastal city on the east coast of South Korea, about 3 hours from Seoul.  Next to GangNeung city is a small coastal city called JooMoonJin, where they sell a ton of fresh Korean sashimi and seafood.

JooMoonJin has been quite famous for as long as South Koreans know for their region’s expertise in food and Makkoli.

Of course, I did get to try JooMoonJin DongDongJu.  DongDongJu is very similar to Makkoli.  Actually DongDongJu is the top part of Makkoli, excluding the creamy stuff.

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BaeDaRi Makkoli


Another very famous Korean Makkoli is the BaeDaRi Makkoli (as shown in above pic), this is a favorite of one of South Korean Presidents and have been around for a long time.

The taste?  BaeDaRi Makkoli isn’t for everyone, it has a slightly bitter/sweet taste that many older folks would love.  Personally, I thought BaeDaRi was a bit too strong for my liking but it isn’t so bad plus it’s made from 100% Korean rice.

BaeDaRi Makkoli is pretty popular in Korea so you will probably end up drinking at least one glass of it on your trip to South Korea.  An

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Buying Makkoli at Korean Super Market!


One of the perks of living in South Korea is that you will find an abundance of fresh Makkoli at your local super market.   Prices are decent too.  As shown in the above photo, KookSoonDang Makkoli (Blue) is on sale for just 990 Won per bottle, which equals about 80 cents.

Also, you will find most of these Makkoli bottles were actually bottled just a day or two before, giving you the freshest taste.  On the other side of the globe, for example where I live here in San Francisco, I am only able to get Makkoli bottles that were bottles weeks or even months before, another re

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Baekseju Ma-ul Bar/Restaurant Makkoli Tasting! [백세주마을]


All over South Korea, there’s a restaurant franchise called BaekSeJu Ma-Ul Bar/Restaurant.   This restaurant is actually run by the Korean company KookSoonDang, who some of you may know through the Korean rice wine BaekSeJu and this company also currently exports the most popular KookSoonDang draft makkoli.

Anyways, I’ve heard a lot of great thing about this restaurant so I had to pay a visit and try out some of the food and makkoli myself.

Mainly, this restaurant serves two types of makkoli you won’t find elsewhere, Old Makkoli (옛날술) and also

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Han Gae Ryung Makkoli Tasting! [한계령 막걸리]


During my stay in Kang-Won-Do province in South Korea, I got to taste Han-Gae-Ryung makkoli.  This is one of the older makkoli drinks in the Kang-Won-Do area and one of the best makkoli I’ve tasted during my trip.

The verdict

The Han Gae Ryung tastes very sweet with a bit of higher alcohol than normal makkoli but very refreshing.

Where to Get This Makkoli and Food To Eat With

I stumbled onto this Han Gae Ryung makkoli at the To-Dam Soon Tofu restaurant, and certainly it goes with well with Korean tofu soup.   Next time you are in Kang-Won-Do area, I hig

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