Buying Makkoli at Korean Super Market!

One of the perks of living in South Korea is that you will find an abundance of fresh Makkoli at your local super market.   Prices are decent too.  As shown in the above photo, KookSoonDang Makkoli (Blue) is on sale for just 990 Won per bottle, which equals about 80 cents.

Also, you will find most of these Makkoli bottles were actually bottled just a day or two before, giving you the freshest taste.  On the other side of the globe, for example where I live here in San Francisco, I am only able to get Makkoli bottles that were bottles weeks or even months before, another reason you cannot get the true taste of real Makkoli in the U.S. or anywhere too far outside South Korea.

But South Korean Makkoli companies are working at it as one Makkoli company has built a factory in Canada.  Once they start shipping everywhere to the U.S. and Canana, we might be in luck to taste the real Makkoli, although ingredients might have another setback for those of us true Makkoli maniacs who need Makkoli made from the best Korean rice.

Also, if you are in South Korea, there will be different types of Makkoli sold at super markets depending on where you are.  Mostly, KookSoonDang and Seoul Makkoli are sold everywhere in South Korea while local Makkoli are only sold in local super markets.

But there are many Makkoli restaurants in Seoul that will have Makkoli from other provinces of Korea.  So depending on your luck, you have a good chance of trying fresh Makkoli from all over Korea without having to go outside Seoul.

One day my goal is to make a country-wide trip in South Korea to visit and try different Makkoli myself.  That would be very interesting and yes, it will all be documented right here on

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