JooMoonJin DongDongJu!

In my last trip to South Korea, I did travel as far as to GangNeung, which is coastal city on the east coast of South Korea, about 3 hours from Seoul.  Next to GangNeung city is a small coastal city called JooMoonJin, where they sell a ton of fresh Korean sashimi and seafood.

JooMoonJin has been quite famous for as long as South Koreans know for their region’s expertise in food and Makkoli.

Of course, I did get to try JooMoonJin DongDongJu.  DongDongJu is very similar to Makkoli.  Actually DongDongJu is the top part of Makkoli, excluding the creamy stuff.

Anyways, I’ve tried many DongDongJu in my life but this JooMoonJin DongDongJu is probably the best (and authentic) DongDongJu I’ve had.  Too bad, they don’t sell this anywhere outside of JooMoonJin as it’s not mass produced rather hand-made in limited quantities.  But that makes it that much better, the JooMoonJin DongDongJu is scarce but will be one of the best Korean rice wine you will ever try.

Worth a trip to JooMoonJin?  Oh yes, I would make a trip to this city just for this and also great seafood.

[주문진 동동주]

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