SeungBookDong Makkoli!

If you want to taste some really “authentic” Korean Makkoli, be sure to pay a visit to SeungBookDong Makkoli restaurant in HongDae, Seoul, Korea.  This restaurant serves only one Makkoli (as the name of its restaurant implies), SeungBookDong Makkoli.

This Makkoli is actually delivered straight from SeungBookDong, a rural city in South Korea.  You will find two different types of SeungBookDong Makkoli served here, one light version (6% Alcohol) and the other very heavy (8% Alcohol).

First, we ordered the light version of SeungBookDong Makkoli, which is brewed in traditional style using Korean clay pots.  In fact, the owner of this restaurant is so picky, he literally picks up the Makkoli himself from the factory, to make sure temperature is maintained at utmost precise temperature.

The result?  Wow, this is one of the best Makkoli I’ve tasted all my life, very sweet yet not too sweet with barely any hint of alcohol.  This is surely Makkoli you will want to try at least once in your lifetime and one of my new favorites now.

Too bad, this SeungBookDong makkoli isn’t sold in bottles but you will have to either travel to SeungBookDong city or visit this restaurant that specializes in this Makkoli.

Last but not least, with great Korean Makkoli, you need to eat some great sidedishes that go with it.  One of the most favorite Makkoli food is the Kimchi Tofu, which is shown in the below photo.  This is what we ordered and had a blast drinking with SeungBookDong Makkli.

A lot of times, the really good things in Korea are hidden away in small no-name restaurants such as this that serve the most freshest Makkoli you won’t find elsewhere.  Man, I miss Korea now, this is definitely one of the first places I will visit when I get back.

[성북동 막걸리]

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