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Han Gae Ryung Makkoli Tasting! [한계령 막걸리]


During my stay in Kang-Won-Do province in South Korea, I got to taste Han-Gae-Ryung makkoli.  This is one of the older makkoli drinks in the Kang-Won-Do area and one of the best makkoli I’ve tasted during my trip.

The verdict

The Han Gae Ryung tastes very sweet with a bit of higher alcohol than normal makkoli but very refreshing.

Where to Get This Makkoli and Food To Eat With

I stumbled onto this Han Gae Ryung makkoli at the To-Dam Soon Tofu restaurant, and certainly it goes with well with Korean tofu soup.   Next time you are in Kang-Won-Do area, I hig

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